The Mission of the choctaw County Chamber of Commerce is to lead the way for economic growth by promoting and meeting the needs of business, industry and tourism.

The Chamber will have as its major objective, the economic growth of Hugo and Choctaw County, and the continued social well being of our community.

The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce advocates and represents businesses’ interests and issues affecting the community. We provide the environment to help our members prosper and succeed through a proactive working partnership with all levels of government and community organizations to achieve a healthy local economy and quality of life.

The mission of the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce is to conduct activities and solve problems to create a more competitive business climate for the firms located in this region. Simply stated your Chamber is business and professional people working together to make your community a better place for everyone.

Encourage and promote a positive, balanced, vital economy and preserve those unique qualities that are good for business and make Glendora a very special place in which to live and work.

Our mission is to strengthen the local economy and serve as the voice of business in community affairs, while recognizing that a healthy community is a requirement for a healthy business climate


“The Chamber exists for the purpose of advancing the commercial, industrial, civic and general interests of citizens and businesses located in Wells County, Indiana”

At 312 members – and growing – the Wells County Chamber of Commerce represents the area’s workforce and residents. We provide our members valuable business resources and a sizable return on investment.

In economic development and community and governmental affairs, the Chamber serves as a unified voice. In workforce development, networking and marketing, we offer events and programs each year to grow a successful business and enrich a community.


Evolving from the business association concept, in 1914 the Chamber began as a business association formed to advance the general welfare and prosperity of the Bluffton area so that its citizens and all areas of its business community have ample opportunity to prosper.

In response to the recession of the 1980’s, the Bluffton Chamber of Commerce began an aggressive approach to development that included a new organization called Bluffton Revitalization Committee, Inc. in 1989. Through this new 501c-3 committee, fundraising activities produced projects known today as the Rivergreenway Trail, Kehoe Riverfront Park and the downtown streetscape improvements.

In 1990, Bluffton became the first Indiana community to receive the “Outstanding Indiana Community of the Year” award because of these tremendous efforts through private/public partnership to resolve an economic and community crisis.

In 1998, the Chamber assimilated a new designation as the Wells County Chamber of Commerce and all that name change implies. . This was more than a cosmetic move; it reflects our intent to think and act regionally and to treat the larger Wells County Area as one market to be served. The towns of Ossian, Markle, Poneto, Uniondale, Vera Cruz along with the city of Bluffton became a part of the organization.

Today, the three separate divisions – The Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development and Revitalization are combined under one umbrella organization. Together they continue to work to strengthen the economic vitality and enhance the quality of both the residential and business communities.

Today, the Wells County Chamber is still a voice for progress and improvement, bringing together businesses for a thriving community.